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Don’t Take a “Wait and See” Approach! Your Child CAN’T Wait!

Posted on: October 18th, 2011 by
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If your child doesn't match up to the developmental milestones, don't panic, but do pursue it, in my opinion. Pursue an evaluation not just from your pediatrician, but also look into a neurodevelopmental pediatrician or neurodevelopmental specialist - they are trained in evaluating and spotting the signs of a developmental delay or disorder. As a mom to Continue reading the story "Don’t Take a “Wait and See” Approach! Your Child CAN’T Wait!"

Developmental Milestones of a Typical Child

Posted on: October 17th, 2011 by
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There's more to tracking your baby's development than logging height, weight or head circumference. There are a number of other childhood milestones to keep watch for.   Pediatricians look for signs of emerging motor and language skills in the very first months of your baby's life.   Babies begin to vocalize around 1 month. At 3 months, they should Continue reading the story "Developmental Milestones of a Typical Child"

Rising Prevalence of Autism – Aluminum-Based Vaccines?

Posted on: October 3rd, 2011 by
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Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are serious multisystem developmental disorders and an urgent global public health concern.

Dysfunctional immunity and impaired brain function are core deficits in ASD.  Aluminum (Al), the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant, is a demonstrated neurotoxin and a strong immune stimulator. Hence, Continue reading the story "Rising Prevalence of Autism – Aluminum-Based Vaccines?"