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Autism – What Parents Can Do To Help Their Child

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Children with autism and developmental delays will need the help of professionals from speech therapists to occupational therapists to developmental specialists. It takes many hour a day times many weeks times many years to jump start children with special needs. But parents play a role too. They are the ones that know their child best. And call me old fashioned, but to me, "learning begins at Continue reading the story "Autism – What Parents Can Do To Help Their Child"

We Treat Developmental Delays

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Do You Have a Child With:


Autism Spectrum Disorder




Down Syndrome

Auditory Processing Disorder

Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Speech Delay

Reading/Reading Comprehension Issues

Behavioral Issues

Poor Continue reading the story "We Treat Developmental Delays"

Does My Child Have Autism?

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Visit to learn more about the signs of autism and how we can help your child.


What parents should be on the lookout for in their babies: