Is Your Child’s Right-Ear Dominant? It SHOULD Be! Let Lollipop Listening Therapy Change How Your Child Listens.

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Right-Ear Dominance


The ears pick up sounds differently. Good control over one‘s voice did not mean that both ears worked the same way – on the contrary. Though we have two ears and from the outside it may look as if they collect and process sound similarly and simultaneously, each ear has its own function. Dr. Tomatis believed there was a dominant ear, the right ear, which took a leading role in controlling how we listen as well as how our voice sounded. This was due to the connection each ear has with the hemispheres of the brain. 


The right ear makes a contra-lateral (crisscross) connection with the left hemisphere of the brain as shown in Figure 16. This is a fast connection without incurring delays. Having no place to process sound in the right hemisphere of the brain, which makes a connection with the left ear, sound coming into the left ear must travel to the right brain but cannot be processed for lack of a language center for doing so in the right hemisphere.


Therefore the sounds have to be transferred via the corpus collosum (like a bridge between the hemispheres) to be interpreted by the left hemisphere. This creates delays in the processing, albeit  milliseconds, but sounds can be omitted or misinterpreted by the time they get to the left brain to be processed. Lollipop Listening Therapy will push right ear dominance so the listener will train their right ear to pick up sounds first and become dominant. This will improve their speech, communication, voice, auditory processing and more.


Want to learn more about how awesome the ear and the brain is? Go to to read about what Lollipop can do for you or your child. Or call us at 571-435-3518, Eastern Time, USA.



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