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See For Yourself Why You Should Try Lollipop Listening Therapy!



Lollipop Listening Therapy is really making its mark in the world of auditory training. We just launched it last year, and the data that is coming in is proving that our exclusive protocol of retraining the ears and brain to process sound better – different than any other listening program out there- is very effective in helping a child overcome their obstacles. We are seeing changes rapidly. Even faster than I expected. Granted, every child is different and progresses at their own pace, but what we are seeing with Lollipop so early on in a child’s program that is getting their bodies back in sync and normalizing their auditory processing at such a rapid pace is making me believe that we are touching upon something very unique and special in Lollipop that other listening therapies just can’t match. The data don’t lie!


A listening therapy program is something that is done for sometimes years in order to create sustaining changes. In only 6 short weeks, this little boy is seeing such fabulous changes. He is only about 1/3 of the way through his “initial” program of 16 weeks and this is what is happening with him so soon that has his parents tremendously satisfied with Lollipop Listening Therapy. 


We don’t need peer-reviewed journals spilling over with data to show how effective a therapy can be. I don’t know too many parents that scour journals looking for data to back a therapy. They rely on parents who have tried it and have reported on it. Their child’s progress on it is what drives a therapy forward and makes a buzz with other parents. We are most grateful for the buzz parents have made about our product. Lollipop Listening Therapy should be on EVERY parent’s radar!  To try Lollipop, go to and learn how we can make lasting changes in YOUR child. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER!


Ratings Key

1 – much worse than usual; 2 – a little worse than usual; 3 –  no change (or not applicable due to age); 4 – slight improvement, still needs work on; 5 – a lot of improvement, still needs a little more work; 6 – steady weekly improvement, very satisfied with changes; 7- goal almost met; 8 – goal met





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