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Parents are always looking for data on the therapies they are considering for their child. We are glad to post some of what we are seeing in Lollipop. These graphs represent how much Lollipop is helping these children and how very early we are seeing changes in these children. Some children of similar ages and diagnoses change at different rates (as expected). Some areas are just too soon to be reported in some of these children so they will show up as “no change” ie: spelling in a very young child.


Parents fill these observation forms out weekly and return them to us. We are capturing what they are seeing every week in their child as communicated to us through these forms. It is from their constant observations that we are tracking these data and can see the benefits of Lollipop.


Please keep in mind that a listening therapy takes time. Lollipop is done for a minimum of 16 weeks. Some changes that haven’t shown up on these graphs may possibly show up at a later time in the child’s therapy. Knowing every child is different, your child may move faster or slower than these data show. Each child brings his own unique characteristics to this therapy and the rate of change is dependent on many factors. However, this therapy will really be continued for months and even years to come to meet the child’s goals as identified at the onset of the program.


























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