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Lollipop Listening Therapy® takes the listener through the entire audible spectrum so that it trains the ears and brain to pick up and process sound without distortions, without missing any acoustic information. Perceiving too little information is just as bad as perceiving too much. The object of auditory training is to balance out the auditory system, balance out the neurological system, and create a better listener – one who isn’t under stress to understand incoming information, and one who is able to clearly and concisely express outgoing information.

This is Lollipop pre-programmed on the iPod, but it can also be purchased as a CD set.


Daily listening on Lollipop can be accomplished in a quick 30 minutes a day, Monday thru Friday. While listening, the child is engaged in sensory integration activities (bouncing, swinging, jumping, crossing mid-line, working on hand-eye coordination just to name a few). A 2-day mandatory break of the weekend is taken to let the brain assimilate the information. A lot of the changes are actually seen during these breaks. Monday through Friday, the ear will be worked out to a rigorous Mozart medley enhanced through sound engineering techniques and Sound Therapy Systems’ revolutionary E.A.R. Formula:

With the E.A.R. Formula, the ear is first “Engaged” by the music, locked in, in a sort of “priming phase to acclimate it to the program. The ear then “Attends” to the music in the rigorous training portion of the program. Finally, the ear recovers from the work-out in the “Return” phase bringing it back to its pre-engaged state.

You will feel the music pulling on the middle ear muscles to tone them up to make them stronger so they become better filters of sound. You will feel the music rotate in a 360 degree sound field to train the ears to pick up sound from all around, not just left and right. The music changes frequencies at different points in the program so you will hear the music clear once, then a bit muffled the next. This is blocking out certain frequencies and keeping others audible. It keeps the ears and the brain engaged and working hard to lay down new brain cells.

Listen for yourself what your child will hear on this program. Sample a snippet of a song by emailing: and putting: I WANT TO SAMPLE LOLLIPOP in the subject line. We will send you out a sample. This is just a sample and is only intended for that purpose. This small snippet will not constitute a therapy program if you try to use it over and over and over again. Please consult with us at Lollipop Listening Therapy for any questions or if you are interested in moving forward with this program.  Watch our promo video:

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