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My 7 year old was having problems with separation anxiety. We had been dealing with it since she started at preschool when she was 3… We went to the doctor who referred us to a child psychologist, we saw a counselor for a few months, our family suffered and struggled quite a bit… A friend of ours suggested we try lollipop listening therapy… We noticed a difference in her within a couple of weeks…. I highly recommend this!! It is something the whole family can benefit from!!

Christine, T, B.C. Canada


Kali’s Story

8 years ago I did an in-clinic Tomatis based music therapy. It was a year of time consuming music therapy, costing over $3,000.00. It changed Me!

I am reading, writing, and even spelling better. Of course the more I do these things the better I will get. Before the therapy it was too hard to read. I just did it when I had to. I was very slow, making it hard to improve. Now I read for fun!

The other exicting thing that happened to me after the therapy, is that I am able to draw and paint what see. I enjoyed photography and craft before the therapy, but I could definitely not draw or paint. I had even tried a paint by numbers a few years before the therapy. It didn’t go well and was never finished. Music therapy opened a new world to me. I am calmer, more organized, and a happier person.

Thanks to Dr. Tomatis. I Love Life!


My Lollipop Music Therapy Experience

In January 2011 by chance I found the Lollipop Listening Therapy! Sharon Ruben had just set up her new website, when I just happened to Google Tomatis Music Therapy ( I do that now and then just to see what is new), Awakening Ashley and the Lollipop came up. I had read the book Awakening Ashley a few years back, I found the website very interesting. I e-mailed Sharon right away and she phoned me the next day. She told me about her program and my husband and I decided to buy a Lollipop. We both started the program. It was easy for both of us do the half hour a day. We enjoyed it!

I also started a few seniors in a total care nursing home on the Lollipop. I found they all calmed down. One woman was on antidepressants because she was very angry, swearing and even getting physically aggressive. After 9 months of medications she was sitting in a wheelchair because she was so dizzy that she kept falling. She was not eating well and was rapidly loosing weight. She didn’t know who anyone was. When I started the Lollipop therapy I asked her Doctor if we could stop the medication she was on. He took her off the daytime meds and she just had them at night. After the first month of Lollipop therapy she was totally off the medication for her anxiety. She was smiling, singing, walking around and very pleasant. After my husband finished 4 months of the Lollipop he felt he was thinking more clearly, feeling calmer, and my daughter and I have found him to be more social. We definitely see a difference in him.

I also started a friends daughter on the music, because all through kindergarten and into grade 1 she was very anxious about going to school, crying everyday and even getting stomach aches before school. Her Mom was at her wits end. After just 2 weeks into the Lollipop therapy she was going to school with no tears. The whole family is happier.


I believe the hardest thing about any therapy or exercise program is following through to the end. I found that the Lollipop is easy to use, convenient and inexpensive as it can be used over and over again.


Happy listening everyone!

Kali, Canada



I have this programme….And my daughter absolutely enjoys her sound therapy. I saw growth and improvement from her first session which she completed…Has made a HUGE difference already….Thanks Sharon!

Marlene, South Africa, daughter 9 – Autism


Week 2 of Lollipop, I got a call from my son’s teacher and all day long my son has been making eye contact with her the entire day. I thank you, Sharon!

Sakina, Florida, son 3 – Autism


He is really much more interested in coloring – when we were eating breakfast at a restaurant he was scribbling all over the kiddie place mats. He is trying to say what sounds like “oval”. He got his latest OT progress report and it was good so we are revising his goals to include dressing and undressing and some eating with utensil skills. His OT said she was actually very happy when completing the report.

Some of the things he is now doing:

Makes an oink noise for pig
Makes a high pitched sound for ambulance
Is rolling his hands/arms in the motion you do when you do “the wheels on the bus go round and round”
He completes the entire alphabet puzzle and will choose correctly from 2 letters
He completes all of his other puzzles and chooses correctly 90-95% of the time from 2 pieces. He completes the shape puzzles choosing by both color and shape name.
He is doing an ipad game that hides pictures in each screen and gives the shape of the picture but in black along the bottom – he is starting to drag those pictures over to match them with the black shape on his own!!! I was stunned.
Is attempting to mimic sounds more and is really trying hard to communicate things to us – at school they commented “gosh, he is trying SOOO hard to talk to us!”
He is playing chase games in ernest with his brothers, is often initiating it by taking something of theirs, flaunting it in front of them and taking off while laughing like crazy.
He is laughing when the boys make faces
He is offering up his cheek when you say you want a kiss
When you ask him where is your_____? He can point to his ears, eyes cheek and nose (sometimes mouth) and toes (if they aren’t in shoes).

So, he is doing some very cool things, and is not quite as frustrated or aggressive as he was.

Angie, CA, son 4 – Autism


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