The Kids Who Beat Autism! Yes, Recovery IS Possible… My Daughter, Ashley, is Living Proof!

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Recently, the New York Times Magazine came out with a story that I have been telling parents about for the last decade. Recovery from Autism IS Possible. The piece, titled, “The Kids Who Beat Autism“, dispels the age old myth that nothing can be done for these children, that there’s no hope or no way out of autism. I am glad to see that people are finally “LISTENING” to me!


And I say “listen” because that is such an important piece to my daughter, Ashley’s, recovery. Without listening therapy (or sometimes auditory training as it is called), Ashley would most likely to this day still be non-verbal, non-social with a variety of sensory integration and auditory processing issues. BUT, early intervention is key to recovery and although the NY Times piece focused on ABA, Applied Behavioral Analysis, as the means to recovering the children in the article, Ashley didn’t have a lick of ABA. She had her ears retrain to perceive all the frequencies of sound using Mozart. Yes, Mozart recovered Ashley from Autism. And I write about it all in my book, “Awakening Ashley: Mozart Knocks Autism on its Ear”. To me, it’s important that people get the information they need to really help their child. And this book is raw, real and retells it as it unfolds. I give you everything we went through – the hard times, the great times, and even open up my rolodex and give you access to my therapy team I put together. The only label Ashley wears now, is the one in her clothes!


Nearly a decade after Ashley’s recovery, I have now developed my own listening program that is more technologically advanced than even what she got growing up, now with more psycho-acoustic effects that really tone up the middle ear muscles and change the brain – to teach it to learn new skills. Learn more about Lollipop Listening Therapy and how it can benefit your child.


It’s important for parents to realize that a diagnosis of autism isn’t a dead-end for these children. It may seem so at the beginning of the journey and the heartbreak a parent goes through is excruciating. I know…I’ve been there! But with hard work, dedication and many, many, many hours a week of therapy, and the right therapies, they can be retrieved and catch up and move forward down the road to developing normally and completely.Listening therapy should be on every parent’s radar of therapeutic options for their children. However “out-of-the-box” you think it is or if your doctor has never heard of it and “poo poo’s” it, you owe it to yourself and your child, to rise above their naivete and seek out listening therapy for your child. That is my ‘sound advice”.




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