This Lollipop WON’T rot your child’s teeth!

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Go ahead! It’s OK to give your child THIS lollipop!

That’s right! This lollipop won’t rot your child’s teeth. My revolutionary listening program called “Lollipop Listening Therapy” is all about strengthening your child’s middle ear muscles to make them stronger so they are better filters. That way your child’s ears can discriminate sounds better and bring in the sounds they need while keeping out the sounds they don’t need that are distracting and throw them off task. Want to know why they move around all day and are “hyper-active”? It’s not a disorder to just throw drugs at because your child’s doctor said to…


They are picking up more of the “HIGH” frequencies that “charge the brain” that give you energy….too much energy. Their ears are not paying attention to the “LOW” frequencies that work on the body and ground them and calm them.  And if the LOW frequencies aren’t there, then the MIDDLE frequencies which work the speech/language, focus and attention are DEFINITELY not going to be laid down. You can’t walk before you crawl! See how much you just learned in two simple paragraphs?


It’s really that simple! I know, nobody ever told you this stuff. Your pediatrician DEFINITELY doesn’t know all that much about the ear/brain/voice connection. I didn’t either, until I had to learn it for myself when I treated and recovered my daughter Ashley from autism with an auditory training program over a decade ago. Then I found myself educating my pediatrician…He sure didn’t like that! It made him feel like I knew more than he did. I actually did! My mother always told me I should become a doctor! I just get this stuff…because it makes so much sense when you think about it…Take some time to learn about the ear and the brain or even read my book “Awakening Ashley: Mozart Knocks Autism on its Ear” – it’s filled with information on how we retrained her ears to listen and you’ll see that I was just like you, in the trenches fighting the fight, crying, in-denial, but worked my way out by researching and getting her to the right therapy. Who would have thought it would take Mozart to pull Ashley out of her world and bring clarity to mine!!

So now YOU know. Now you know what you can do about it…


Give your child a Lollipop EVERYDAY!


Lollipop Listening Therapy will retrain their ears and brain to perceive ALL of the frequencies. When the ears don’t perceive all of the frequencies of sound, the voice will not contain them – Principle #1 of Dr. Tomatis! Like I just mentioned above. If the lows aren’t working for the body, the middles won’t work for the language….


And different frequencies do different things to the brain and body. So are you wondering why your child is a picky eater or can’t tie their shoes? Or is clumsy, uncoordinated with low muscle tone? Go ahead, ask me?


I’d be happy to talk to you more about all that Lollipop Listening Therapy can do for your child and get them on the road to meeting their individual milestones and goals. That’s really what you want right?

All it takes is 30 minutes a day right in the comfort of your own home. It’s all pre-programmed on our iPod that you purchase and treat them right there, without needing to travel to a center day in and day out…Believe me, I did that for over two years…




This is EASY! And this is “SOUND ADVICE”!


E-mail me at : or call me at 571-435-3518 Eastern Time, USA, and let’s begin a conversation on how we can help your child…TOGETHER!




I look forward to hearing from you!



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