Treating Autism with Sound

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Welcome to my It’s Time to “LICK” Autism blog. I am a mom whose daughter fully recovered from autism. My daughter Ashley was diagnosed at 21 months and she was removed from the autism spectrum at 4 years old. Ashley recovered using an auditory training program, also referred to as listening therapy or sound therapy. We re-trained her ears and brain to perceive sound better by taking her back to the time in the womb using filtered Mozart music and my filtered voice. Ashley was non-verbal, non-social with sensory integration dysfunction and auditory processing disorder. She was a very picky eater and she had a “leaky gut”. She flapped her hands, walked on her toes, couldn’t play with toys appropriately, couldn’t socialize, had zero energy and was clumsy, uncoordinated and weak with low muscle tone. But Mozart brought her back to us. Please watch our videos on the Today Show with Katie Couric and Soap Talk with Lisa Rinna. Today, Ashley is 12 years old, a straight “A” student, in the gifted program and plays the guitar, violin and the piano – by-products of Mozart’s effect on her. The only label Ashley wears now is the one in her clothes!

Since her recovery, I have made it my mission to reach out and help children on the autism spectrum. To that end, I have developed my own listening therapy called Lollipop Listening Therapy. I hope that this blog can help you help your child too. You can learn more about Ashley’s recovery from autism and my new listening therapy at and

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