VIDEO: A Mom’s Testimonial about Lollipop Listening Therapy and her Autistic Son.

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In just 8 short weeks (that’s just 2 months y’all!), this mom is over the moon about the changes in her Autistic son using Lollipop Listening Therapy. Just listen…!


I love hearing from parents about all the wonderful things that are happening to their kids using Lollipop Listening Therapy. I sell Lollipop all over the world, and Lollipop is changing lives all over the world, too. But being hundreds and even thousands of miles away from a child who is using my Lollipop system leaves me little opportunity to really see the day to day changes in them. Sure, their parents fill out observation forms and send them in to me weekly, but it’s just not the same as seeing it for myself.

Do you want to make a “SOUND” decision? Lollipop Listening Therapy is the best tool on the market to re-educate the ears and brain to “listen”. These moms are seeing amazing changes in their children. Small changes lead to big changes and soon your child is mastering things you never thought they could.

I am a mom who has been in your shoes. I know the daily struggles you are faced with when you have a child with special needs. I know it’s not easy. But having a mom like me on your therapy team, on your side, will give you not only the support you are looking for, but the expertise you need in helping your child. I am plugged in to a plethora of specialists along with my own experiences from the last decade. You can’t do it alone…and you don’t have to.

Call me at 571-435-3518 Washington DC time, USA, and I will be happy to discuss the Lollipop program that is right for your child.

And, if you want to speak with this mom in the video to learn more about her son’s progress and to just get a mom’s perspective, email me and I’ll connect you. I know it’s very helpful to speak with parents going through a therapy you are considering. She’d be happy to speak with you!

Email me at: and put, “Can I speak with the mom in the video?” in the Email subject line.

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